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Thread: Off Topic Threads

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    ***Edit by Bugbyte*****
    This thread was created from posts in Odyssey's Thread in the off topic section and is intended for discussion and feedback on the existence of threads similar to My Thread, which was recently closed by me.
    **** End Edit *******

    I think its funny that no mod thought to close the bad ideas thread until Enforcer said it should be closed. Why isn't he a mod yet??

    I think its even funnier that DP (who is a mod) "fueled the fire" with his homemade bomb/napalm recipes. And HE IS A MOD?!?
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    That thread had a topic and most of the posts were about that topic. As Enforcer noted, it was getting to the point that there were enough posts on the thread that someone might take encouragement to try some of those ideas and could get hurt.

    You're not children and mods aren't parents. Why can't a mod participate and post in that thread?

    I just happened to think Enforcer's suggestion made sense, so I closed it.

    Now, I'm considering closing this thread but want some feedback from you all about it before I do anything.

    The reason for closing it is that it doesn't have a very focused topic. It's an open ended thread that veers from here to there. Most threads, even in OT have a topic and a few people post on it, it lives a short life, then the posts die out because most everyone who is inclined to say anything have already had their say.

    Tidder's Suncrap Whoring Thread is in the same vein.

    What do you all think?
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    I think these guys (us) need a place to vent, a place to communicate... a place with no real topic, just a way to touch base & bull****.... off topic should be good for that I would think.....

    my thread was the perfect place for that, the "topic" was anything goes.... sure there have been "some" questionable things there, & I don't blame you for closing the last one that was spamming other forums, it was all in good fun though, & no real harm done, but I do understand you not being able to sit idle & not stop it I guess...

    what's the harm in meaningless threads by a few regulars to bull**** in ot? this is nothing new....

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    My opinion for what it's worth is:

    You are going to either have lots of threads which follow a similar vein, ie become complete nonsense, or you can have one thread that does that. That was the whole point of MT.

    Now, I can understand why that was closed and although I briefly participated in the events that closed it down actually agree as to why it was closed.

    However you have options

    1. Have one thread which is just going to be random crap, and those that enter it, enter it knowing full well what it is.

    2. Have many threads crapped all over, coz that is what will happen.

    3.Close OT to prevent threads being crapping threads. Which will cause it to spread to the rest of the forum.

    4.Ban all members who you think might crap over threads and find out that you have also banned some major contributers, but still have crapping from other members, and some Mods.

    This is just my opinion.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bugbyte View Post
    You're not children and mods aren't parents. Why can't a mod participate and post in that thread?

    I just happened to think Enforcer's suggestion made sense, so I closed it.?
    But there are legal / health and saftey questions here and as mods leaving that info for public view if some one was to use it and then point to your site knowing the good ol' US of A I guess you'd get sued... so yes your not our parents how ever you have a reponsibilty.

    Re this thread - I'd like Zip Lock's take my self - in the past the 'MT Maffia' have stayed in on area, had OT posts un counted, closed @ 2500 as requested and so on.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Bugbyte View Post
    Tidder's Suncrap Whoring Thread is in the same vein.

    What do you all think?
    It is, and I've already posted a request to have it closed/locked. It's not a joke or whatever it might be viewed as, I really want you guys to close it off, or delete it.

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    I apologise for suggesting such behaviour which got the last thread closed.
    Sorry BB....
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    Dunno really BB, if you're considering closing a thread in off-topic where the title of the thread bears no relation to the subject matter, or the subject matter has no common theme, then it defeats the object of having an off-topic category. The mere fact that you are closing, or thinking about closing, threads that stray further off-topic seems to indicate that mp3car have changed their policy on off-topic threads and would now prefer to retain on-topic threads that are more related to their core business.

    Sadly, it seems that there is a certain amount of sterilsation going on in order to keep the overwhelming majority of threads related to carpc's and not a lot else. This denies the regular users a place to shoot the breeze and have a bit of relaxation in between posting useful and helpful advice that does contribute to the core theme of the site. Furthermore, this 'recreation' area keeps members on the site so that they can contribute. Admittedly, it does become a bit of a playground sometimes but generally this is confined to the off-topic section where it belongs and does not detrimentally affect the more sensible areas of the forum.

    There is far more damaging stuff going on in on-topic threads by people that should be nurturing newcomers. That has a profound effect on all concerned and should be addressed. It is recognised by the very people that post in off-topic and is something that has been mentioned quite a lot but never seems to get resolved.

    Finally, there is a time and a place for everything. Most of us know what threads are appropriate for what we want to post. If off-topic threads are removed prematurely, or just plain removed to satisfy the core strategy of the site owners it is likely to encourage thread jacking, postwhoring in on-topic threads and above all resentment. OT threads have a place on this forum and they should, as far as possible, remain unmolested.

    Oh, and thanks for asking before deciding what to do. It is nice to be asked................. and you do get a better response
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    maybe there should be an off topic section in the off topic section, for really off topic discussions

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