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Thread: FS / FT Rules - possible change?

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    FS / FT Rules - possible change?

    Hey guys, I haven't visited here in a while though you could see from my post count that I was active at one point.

    I had sold countless items in the FS/FT forum back in the day, but tried listing a product recently and bumped it the next day only to be told that I cannot bump my own FS/FT threads. I received a 1-point infraction. This wasn't the case before so I checked the rules and saw that a new rule was added last year.

    Now, I'd like to propose that the admins think about changing this policy. Why? I'd like to propose that the OP has the opportunity to bump their thread once daily and limit bumps to no more then 10 bumps for the life of the thread.

    I say this because the reasoning given for a valid thread bump is that one must lower their price. I don't agree with this. Just because someone doesn't respond to the thread doesn't mean that the item is priced too high. It could be that the thread gets thrown off the front page of the FS/FT forum page and no one ever sees it. I bet a great majority of users don't scroll through the pages of the FS/FT thread, rather they look through the threads on the first page then navigate away to another forum.

    Please consider, thanks.


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    There are enough new threads every day to fill up the first page. If all of those people started bumping their threads NONE of the new threads would stay on the first page. Plus there is no way anyone is going to be able to keep track of how many posts you do every day and go in each thread to see if you have bumped more than 10 times. There is no reason why people can't do a search. Either way you are going to have to sift through the same amount of threads.
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    Or, just put what you have for sale in your Sig... Although, for some people, that would require a larger sig space....



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    Quote Originally Posted by Rafster View Post
    Or, just put what you have for sale in your Sig... Although, for some people, that would require a larger sig space....



    But for other people to see it, they person would actually have to post in the forum rather than just make a FS thread.

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