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Thread: threats from moderator on this forum

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wiredwrx View Post
    Interestingly, no one is really defending Cougar.


    Well, we don't just defend someone because they are a DC member. I initially ignored what was said about his posts because basically they were deleted and I had no information to go on. However if they are the kind of posts that the moderators have indicated them to be, then no, we are not going to defend him.

    So don't assume just because people are members of DC we are going to automatically side with a DC member. We (I speak for myself for sure and hope the majority of other DC members are the same) take each case on it's own merits.

    I also don't consider myself a member of the DC team against MP3Car. I am a member of both forums, and also many others, and don't think there are sides to take based on which forum 'team' you are on.

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