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Thread: Addition to the for Classified Forum rules

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    long live rep points !!!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by lostreception View Post
    long live rep points !!!!!!
    You and the infamous Rep Club were so childish that you destroyed any chance of reputation actually having any meaning.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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    i whole heartedly disagree. an isolated 33 people do not destroy meaning for 50,000 unless the leaders make it so. Honestly, the rep club didn't make reps a bad thing and obviously, no one took the people who had them seriously. I sitll say you bring back reps, let htem have their fun, and call it a good day.


    reps will not help in this situation, we can save the fight for another forums. This is just a suggestion. If the "brass" likes it fine, i'm just saying DP, and btw, it was a comment i read of yours that started me thinking on this, it will be good for new time people who want to make money for their carputer by selling their unneeded stuff, as I did, or had things of value to the community that someone could use, then we should be more tactful in addressing our concerns of their reputation rather than treating them with a hard hand, thus leading me to my suggest and this thread.
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