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Thread: Vbulletin Mods please!!

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    that's funny, that's the first thing that poped into my head too

    overall the auto merge is pretty cool, at least after 24 hours it stays seperated, so a 2 week update will show as a new post even if it's consecutive by the poster...

    there are some ocassions it can be annoying though... & it's got nothing to do with post count would be nice if there was a way to overide when necissary without having to pm someone to post a "break post"

    I'm thinking when a thread is started with a lot of stuff then the first several posts will be consecutive... a tutoral or a new skin release or even a new worklog is such a case... a lot of guys will even reserve an extra post or 2 to keep it at the top of the thread.... there should be a way to do this... otherwise the first post can become huge & less readable.... also what about post size limit? a few monter posts will merge even if over the limit? not complaining, just figuring it out is all...

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    When a User posts into a thread where he already has the lastpost, no new post will be added. The lastpost of him will be edited and the new text is put after his first message.
    This will be done until the old post is older than 24 hours
    It follows all of the other forum rules that are set forth.

    I changed the double post to 60 minutes and made it so that when a post is merged, it will mark it as unread.
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    the unread part is really good, & the biggest concern is that anything added after a post was viewed by someone would be missed, that fixes that... 60 minutes is a good idea I think too...

    it would be awsome if no automerge would take place on new threads & consecutive posts by the thread creator weren't merged at least intially relivant to the first head post... might not be possible though??

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    Is it possible to get the date a thread was created listed somewhere when you do a newpost list (or anywhere there is a list of posts).

    Maybe just after the thread creaters name just under the thread title.


    Well the amount of times you see a thread with 'just released' in the tilte pop up and it turns out to be a few months or even more than a year old.

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