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Thread: New posts without refreshing - AJAX real-time feed of new posts/threads

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    Every time I open up the New Posts: Live thing, it shows the list and then immediately feeds in the newest 4 or 5 posts one at a time, about once a second, to the top - I know they're not actually being posted as I am viewing the page, because if I refresh I see the same 4-5 posts fed in again. I find it a bit distracting as when I first open it I can't easily read the threads on the list until this is finished and things stop moving for a second. It seems like it's just eye candy to make it obvious that the list gets updated in real time, is there any other reason for it?

    Is it just me that sees this? and/or is it just me that cares? anyway, just wanted to point it out.

    Oh, and by the way, other than that, I love the feature
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