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Thread: Los Angeles area meet - June 21st 2008 !!UPDATED!!

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    Eastvale, Ca (Near Corona)
    What about Corona again?
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    there was a corona meet? im not opposed to that, its much closer than irvine for me.
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    West Covina, CA Name: Steven

    Los Angeles Area Meet has been delayed...

    Well hopefully since its pushed back to January/February, maybe we'll get MORE members to join the meet seeing how Christmas is coming up, they'll all get some goodies or something. I want new bucket seats for my ride. And a new 6.5 inch Touchscreen DVD Player from Walmart... =) I'll be checking back sometime next week to see if anything has changed. Hey Sean, too bad you didnt know I worked in Pasadena, you coulda seen me that day. I work in Old Town Pasadena.

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    If you guys want to do another meet after this one, say around mayish, i'll be in cali and my setup should be installed by then.. granted, it wont be in my explorer, which sucks because i'd love to go hit the trails with you guys, but hey, its still a carputer =]

    Maybe we could all do a moab meet later next year
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    Well I'll try and monitor the thread, the sooner someone comes up with a date and time, the better for everyone.... as people can make plans. No date is going to please everyone, so just make it some weekend, so as many people as possible can come out...


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    Quote Originally Posted by n8scstm View Post
    What about Corona again?
    If there is a spot i'm up for that, I would love to see your truck...

    Maybe you want to help find a spot since you are more local to the area?
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    West Covina, CA Name: Steven
    Any updates on a location or date?

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    So is OC out as a possible location?? its going to be in either LA or Riverside/Corona?

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    West Covina, CA Name: Steven
    I think so. I tried to organize something more in the middle of SD and LA, but we have more Los Angeles Members here than SD/OC. I wouldnt mind Irvine, Honestly its all good as long as im not driving further than 40miles just to go to a Car Meet. Neccros: The main thing is no one can agree on a Exact Location and Date. Everyone pretty much agreed on January/February for a date.

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    Well... if this were to ever happen I'd be down for going to the LA area (out in Ventura County).

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