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Thread: 2008 Monthly Chicago Meets

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    Quote Originally Posted by boomintrac View Post
    So Nick have you figured out how you will be getting rid of the Powermate and keyboard yet?
    Like Jason suggested, I was just figuring on throwing squares of paper into a hat or some such to raffle the powermate and thumbboard off. Only unknown at this point is whether to give people the choice to be drawn only for one or the other, or just toss all the names in together and give the first name drawn the choice.

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    I say first drawn gets choice.
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    work strikes again.

    when I suggested the first of this month, after memorial day wouldn't work for anyone I forgot to check my work schedule. I tried to get the 1st off, but i'll be at work again then. Enjoy the meet, and hopefully I can make next time.

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    well i WAS planning on making the meet however I just got 2 free cubs tix for tomorrows game at 120. soooooooo, i will try to stop by depending what time the game is over, im hoping i can make it!!

    What time is the raffle? I really want to try and win the powermate, lol

    Oh and save a shirt for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    How bout I get 1st pic?????? Hope all you can make it by.... I'll be there with the grill and some steak sandwiches and pork chops to go on it.......

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    I detailed MY car today just for YOU guys!!! i know the past couple meets its been rainy and I showed up with the ride needing a bath. I just want you to know I spent 3 hours cleaning for YOU!!!! 3 hours of my life Ill never get back!!!! :P teee heee heee... see you guys around 3 im thinking.
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    Well I'm stuck in Houston after partying way too long this weekend. My jet won't be ready till Tuesday so enjoy the meet, I'll be there in spirit.

    And save me a T-shirt too.
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    Giz why do you have to wait? just jump into the pilots seat and head to busse, im sure the jet will have a computer in it. ill block one end of higgins, im sure someone else can block the other end so you can land.
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    Hey Guys I am going to try and be there tomorrow! Where do you meet up at in the busses woods? What entrance?

    Thanks Phil

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    Take a look at the first post, it has all the info there..
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