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Thread: 2008 St Louis Area Meet

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    626 can probably re-use most of the components in your Mac mini with a different intel board. There's the D201GLY2 board I have or the Atom 330 dual core board that are both pretty nice. Or if you can pull the Core2 cpu out of the mini and put it in another board there's a really nice D45G intel board for about $120 range.

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    The tricky part will be finding a board that supports firewire so I can keep using the sound card I have. I haven't found a mini itx board that supports it.

    Edit-Found one:

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    yeah, thats the D45 I was talking about I just put the G in the wrong place. I'd like to pick that one up for a HTPC for the bedroom. I've gutted an old DirecTV Tivo unit and have a power supply and drive mounted in it. Just need a Mini-ITX board that has DVI or HDMI out on it to go to the TV.

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    I think I'm going to shoot for 18 APR 09 for the next St Louis Meet since the Chicago crew is still MIA. Meet Map updated.
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