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Thread: Need CarPC help - NY Region

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    Need CarPC help - NY Region

    I'm not too sure if i'm posting this in the write area so if a mod can direct this thread that would be great!
    Anywhos i've been on and off with my g35 carPC project and i'm stuck in a dilemna that i've been too aggrivated about to try and fix anymore. It's basically my CarPC starting up properly, it used to start up perfectly but just recently afew months ago the PC would not connect to the monitor. i've lost the push to try to fix it and would love some help from someone more experienced in helping out Lunch would be on me! and would appreciate any kind of push to get this going again. i'm located in Nassau county next to the colisseum.

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    did u try a different screen? Any type of sound coming from your PC?

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