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Thread: Any JawJa (Georgia) Meets?

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    Any JawJa (Georgia) Meets?

    Am I really the only car modder in Georgia?!?!

    as awesome as that title would be, I'm sure I'm not... Anyone interested in a meetup in Georgia? It could be just an informal thing or we could tie it in with one of the car shows, (Georgia Tech has one every year, and the Varsity in Athens too...), or hell, an event at one of the speedways...

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    A few threads down..someone asking the same thing

    It looks like there are two of you.

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    whoops... should've searched that first... srry... *face-palm*


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    I'm going to at the Car audio Nationals thing at the Georgia Convention Center in the ATL Saturday the 20th.

    Sound like it's gonna be fun.

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