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Thread: Meet guidelines [sticky?]

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    Meet guidelines [sticky?]

    Is there any chance that someone knowledgeable could post guidelines about setting up meets as a sticky on this forum?

    Things that immediately spring to mind;
    1) How are they organised?
    2) What sort of things do you do about venues? Public place? Outside someone's driveway? Somewhere that one can have adult beverages? Kid or animal friendly?
    3) Do meets mainly end up as show & tell? People looking at each other's cars? Or talking about how they implemented them? Or what?
    4) Typical timeline for a meet? Something like:
    a) Turn up at local park around 11am. Banter for a couple hours
    b) Break for lunch around 1pm. Anticipating going to Denny's at 80th and Jefferson until around 3
    c) Go back to park until everyone gets bored
    4) Other stuff I've obviously missed?

    No, really; I'm just a guy that doesn't know much about this stuff. I don't really know conceptually what even goes on, but I am interested in going to one or maybe helping organise one near me. I know I manage to make it sound all formal above, which it's probably not. But I'm just not clear.

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    Considering ow loosely organized this crowd is, I'm pretty certain there aren't any guidelines.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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    yea they're really arent any guidelines. We at the DC/VA/MD Monthly meets just kinda get together, talk carpcs and barbecue. If you want to organize a meet at occurs regularly it will get stickied providing there is enough interest. Senior Tech Blogger (Want a product reviewed? Contact me.)
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    Contact Gizmoq, he's the meet specialist, he's be to more meets than a vegetarian protester

    *edit, he even threatened to made it to a UK one and was only stopped by the USAF's change of plans.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Enforcer View Post
    Contact Gizmoq, he's the meet specialist, he's be to more meets than a vegetarian protester

    *edit, he even threatened to made it to a UK one and was only stopped by the USAF's change of plans.
    Thanx...I think. ??Vegetarian protester???

    The best advice I have for OP is checkout the first post in the meet threads like Chicago, Florida, DC, and of course St Louis for some great examples of invites to a meet. Be ready to be dissappointed by the turnout for the first few meets, but you need to advertise them outside this forum also. It also helps to go thru the entire members directory and send email preferably, PMs if you must, to every individual member in your area. It also helps if you can get some swag from MP3Car or free food & drinks to entice users to attend.
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