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Thread: Anyone use this DAC?

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    Anyone use this DAC?

    There is a DAC called V-DAC...has anyone used it in a carputer use? I have seen them on headphone threads...I found the device on saturdayaudio. Thanks!

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    I have never seen this one, but for $300 it seems a little high to me.

    But this one looks interesting to me, at only $100, with USB input and Analog output plus a hard volume encoder it might have a little promise

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    I don't know...I thought I'd see how it compared to the Bit-One from Audison. I know it's 1/2 the price, but it doesn't have any bells and whistles. I'm thinking the guts can only get to a certain undiscerning level, then all you can add is like 300 bucks worth of casing, and remote control options? Right?

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    I haven't heard a commercial DAC southwards of USD 400 that I found to be of acceptable quality. Happy to be corrected on this though; DAC technology improves every few months.

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