I want to start the project in my car.
I thought about this combination and I wanted to know how what you think.

Motherboard: Gigabyte G41.
Processor: Intel E7500.
Ram Memory : 2 G Kingston.
Hd: Scorpio 160GB 5400RPM.
Graphics Card: Gigabyte 4350 HD.
Sound Card: ON BORD a temporary card and continue Icatraf Asus Xonar Deluxe .
Fans: Zalman or Artic.
Power Supply: ATX M4.
Screen Lilipot 896GL or 669GL.

I'm sorry if my English is not so fine (I'm from Israel)

Who knows Mazda 6 has a storage chamber over the head unit.
The screen I'm going to install over there , and I wanted to ask which screen will fit,
the 669gl(7'') or the 896gl(8'').
tnx again.