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Thread: Long Island/ NY Meet?

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    Variable Bitrate
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    Nov 2004

    Smile Sounds good

    I'm still in the planning stages because of funding problems, but would like to meet up, see other people's installations and share some ideas.

    Anybody who would like to meet on the weekend of the 20th, throw me a line. Hopefully, I should have my PC installed by then.

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    Long Island
    Quote Originally Posted by fantomas
    i'm in dix hills which is like 10 minutes away. would love to see your car sometime.

    i'm keeping my car like it is until i get a new car (scion tc) in july/august

    I'm here in Syosset with a completed installation, and DEFINATELY down for a Long Island meet
    '03 Acura TL PC FINISHED!!

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    li, ny
    Quote Originally Posted by mykolJay
    I think you are trying to say my girl was flirting with you. She has a thing for mp3car nerds, what can I say?
    No, after that and the zeppelin and the screaming midgets, Alizee.

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    central jersey
    I'm in central jersey!
    90 300zx twinturbo conversion
    Epia C3, 512 ram, syntax mobo, 80 gig WD, Mediacar, GPS w/Routis, all behind drivers seat, 7in Lcd Lilliput VGA with Touch, wireless adapter for stumbling, Consult ODB1 adapter and data scanner.

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    Brooklyn here... someone make a move and name a time/place. This weekend? I don't have a carpc yet but I'm dying to ask you guys a few questions. Some place on Western LI would be great.

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    New York
    I would love to have another meet, but I have had very little progress on my install since the last meet, computer is still not in the car yet.

    Been really busy with school and work, plus it's getting cold outside and can't work to well with bondo, or fiberglass. Just need to bondo in the dvd drive, sand and paint. Then run the wires. Sub/amp enclosure is almost complete as well as the custom computer case. But looking at my schedule and the weather I don't expect to be finished before mid spring.
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    Check Out My Install!!!

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    Any one still up for a meet in Dec?
    amd 1700, biostar m7ncg 400, hitachi deskstar 120 8mb , 512 pc2700, liliput 7"
    now to put it all together

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    Schenectady, NY
    I'm in CT about an hour from NYC right now and I don't have my system installed yet, but I'd definitely be willing to drive down one of these weekends to check out what everyone else has. My problem is that I'm moving out of here the weekend of Dec 18, so my schedule is limited to the weekends of the 4th or 11th, and perhaps on Jan 1 or 2 since I plan on being in NYC for new year's.
    I'm hoping to have SOMETHING in my car and working by then, but I can't promise anything
    Old plans out the window because of an accident .
    Have: M1-ATX, EPIA M10000, 256MB, 60GB 2.5", slim slot load DVD
    Need: Time, HU integration, ideas for Lilli

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    Quote Originally Posted by samc
    I put in an obdII scanner so if somebody has a VW/Audi/porsche/seat/skoda..etc then free scans.
    VAG-COM here if anyone with german car (with need for code scanning)

    btw, im up to the meet...
    just to make fun of your tiny screens j/k

    "If today was perfect, there would be no need for tomorrow."
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    Brooklyn, NY
    Blah Blah Blah... Hater.

    Anyway whenever someone set this up. Most of us have a working carputer 24/7. I'll even bring some programs if anyone needs them.
    Mine needs to be updated.

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