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Thread: How many Australian mp3Cars are there out there?

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    Mp3 puter den car

    Hey in perth.
    set up my MP3 player in a old IBM aptiva p2 500,256mB ram,x2 CD drives,1G HDD,Remote,LCD.
    Software: DOS 7.10 for Fat32 large drive and LFN support
    : Mpxplay dos mp3 player
    : DOS Ir infa red software,with a very simple reciever 38Khz $6 from dick smith
    : DOS CD speed to reduce cd spindle speed
    : DOS shutdown ATX
    : LCD software comes with Mpxplay
    A little bit of batch file programming and its away.
    Only a few problems I'm having if anyone can help.

    I have ova 3000 mp3's on a 10Gig HDD, DOS 7.10 sees it ok but Mpxplay takes for ever to load the entier drive or even make an MU3 playlist, it's having that much trouble loading the drive that it affects the remote while try to change/Listen to songs, I'm guessing the CPU is flat out try to process the 10Gig HDD.
    tired all different settings in Mpxplay but to no avail

    LCD is still only showing 8.3 characters instead of the full file name, think this is comming from Mpxplay, checked all the settings and LFN is running in Mpxplay and DOS

    Any help would be great, haven't seen that many DOS based players on the site so far

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    Quote Originally Posted by silicoon View Post
    another one here

    been working on the whole setup for a few months now... thats including the rockford fibreglass system, car puter and everything else... just mounted the pc on the weekend and the lilliput is nearly in the dash...

    btw i got my lilliput incl shipping for 299 so stuff paying an extra 150 + for a xenarc... as for screens and parts etc, ive found that ebay is still the best... just search "7 touch" searching worldwide... brings up a fair bit... 7 being the size of the screen :P

    ill post up pics of the install at some point

    go da aussies :P

    location : syd - car : liberty b4


    So hows your setup comming along, notice you have a B4 too
    New Car PC Build list in progress

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    Melbourne Newbie down here

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    i dont have one yet, but i am working on designing one at the moment.

    I need help tho. Im really bad when it comes to playing with my car. I cant just do the standard. I have to add more and more to mine.

    At present im looking at about 10 pages of options and features listed with all there rules and requirements and i havnt finished.

    I am useless when it comes to building computers too so this is goign to be fun.

    If anyone can recommend someone that can help with implementing everything, that would be awesome.

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    Sydney CarPC Into a classic Mini!

    Hey all,
    tom from sydney.. currently installing a car pc into a 1969 mini van
    opus case, jl splits, 6x9s and sub, rockford amp, xenarc 7" touch, wifi etc..
    currently fabricating enclosures/housing for the amp, sub then on to the install!

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    Hi from QLD.

    Lots of speculation, procrastination and research. Not much building going on here. Never mind. For those with parts issues, now is the time to consider the favourable state of USD/AUD and get some of the nice stuff from mp3car, etc.

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    Hi all,

    I'm in the logan area in Queensland. i've had a carpc for a year or so now, was in my vectra til a few weeks ago, now its in my integra.

    as for availability of parts, i don't have much of an issue , but that would be because i have a business importing products into australia, mainly electronics, so if anyone needs anything send me a pm and i will see what i can do, for things like gps receivers i can do you a good deal.

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    Hi all
    Holden VY Calais 5.7lt LS1 V8

    MB896 Pentium M Mini-ITX Motherboard, Intel Pentium M 750 1.86 GHz, 1Gb DDR2 Ram, 250GiB SATA, Xenarc 800TSV 8" VGA Monitor with touchscreen, GPS/Cellular/PCS/WiFi antenna, Bluetooth GPS, etc ,etc

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