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Thread: How many Australian mp3Cars are there out there?

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    Eastern Melbourne, Australia
    Quote Originally Posted by holmesie View Post
    Hi fellow Aussies, I'm a carPC newby from country NSW, currently working on a budget(ish) setup to go in my Mitsubishi Triton (very much like the one Tritonasaurus has).

    I have all my major components assembled, and running on the desk, next step it to wire it all up with the Carnetix 2140 regulator in the ute.

    My current setup is;
    Dell Optiplex SX270 Pentium 4 2.8/40gig HDD/1GB RAM/CD-Rom
    Lilliput 7" touchscreen
    Carnetix CNX-P2140
    GPS receiver
    OziExplorer with Australia 250K & HEMA 4WD maps

    with these to be added later;
    USB Bluetooth
    USB Next-G wireless broadband
    OBDII reader with Tactrix cable

    all to go in this;

    I have found this site very informative so far, thanks to everyone who has contributed their knowledge and experience

    HAHA I have just bought almost the exact same setup for my second attempt.... to go into my 89 SWB 4.2 Turbo diesel maverick.

    Just need to deal with setting up the software, as well as installing it all in the car...

    I'm in melbourne, but work 2 on 1 off in the Pilbara, WA.

    Any plans for a meet i'll be interested, but I do have limited time working 2 weeks away.

    Rum injected!

    Car PC Status
    - 7" lilliput touch mounted above rearview
    - P4 2.8
    - globalsat BU-353
    - no software yet, but soon to be installed!

    New Car PC in progress for the new car!

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    I'm Australian, but I don't have an mp3car yet. In a few months I'll be buying an old Brumby and I'll start work on it. Eventually I'm going to put an eeepc in the dash as the computer (mangled around so the screen hides everything else), with gps, music, probably no videos, wifi, FM radio if I can figure out this HQCT module thing, and if I can swing it I'd like to have CB radio intergrated too. (Has anyone managed that yet?)

    But of course this can only happen after I get the new house set up, and the missus gives her permisison... haha

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    haha better get the missus's permission! I'm glad I'm not married ... yet :P

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    Hi Guys,

    Just found this thread so I thought it would be nice to pop in and introduce myself as another Sydney person putting in a Carputer.

    I have an Xtrail and will be doing a full in-dash install.

    Already got the Pico-ITX board, 7" LCD 800x480, a pair of 2x75W RMS mini amps (one front + one rear to allow later dual-zone audio) and the M2-ATX clone PSU is on the way.

    I also got an IDE-CF adapter with 4GB CF but now I think the 4GB notebook drive might be better with what I read tonight elsewhere on this forum about CF speed problems .

    Still to get are the double-din lilliput screen mounting frame, slot-load DVD drive and something for FM radio (probably with DVB-T combined).

    Frontend will be RR with Coverflow.

    I've also got an 8-head parking sensor unit I want to interface using Robby BMW's unit, modified to take all 8 sensors on the one usb interface.

    Still don't know what navigation software to get which best suits us here in Oz. I've thought about the new Garmin Topo Australia DVD for PC install.
    Would like to get suggestions from you all about navi software and Oz maps.

    I'll start a worklog once I start connecting the system together and installing it into the Xtrail.

    Look forward to meeting some of the Sydney members sometime.
    VIA Pico ITX, M2-ATX clone, 7" Seform 800x480 LCD Touchscreen, Dual 2x75WRMS Mini Amps, IDE-CF & SATA-CF adapters, 8GB (Sys) & 32GB (MP3s) CF, ELMscan5USB, Slot-load DVD, Craig Brass DAB+/FM USB module, Odyssey Navigator
    Build 90% Apps 50% Install 10%

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    Garmin works great, but if you want offroad related maps I'm not too sure, 2010maps on GMPC version works a treat if u want to test it
    New Car PC Build list in progress

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    hey guys! sydneysider here just lurking the forums, great site,

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    Hi Guys,

    My Turn to introduce myself!

    The Names Michael.

    Silver 2002 VX Commodore S

    Completed and install working 100% Items:-

    Dual Battery system - 32 amphour gel cell
    xenarc mdt-x7000
    USB 20 x 4 LCD screen - The ones you put in the drive bay of the PC moded to fit dash -Running LCD Smartie
    Zotac ion itx 1.6Mh 4gig onboard WIFI - 500gig drive
    VoomPC 2 case
    Windows 7 Basic Premium
    OBD running EFIlive 5
    Riderunner - DFXskin with a couple of my own screens
    Igo8PC - GPS Mouse
    TV Tuner -Leadtek - winfast gold USB - with stick on rear screen antenna
    Andrea Superbeam SoundMAX Array Microphone
    Modded USB Game Pad - for input controls as required.
    USB Wireless internet - Exetel so I get a static IP address
    USB XBOX360 Game Pad
    Moded HTC Diamond cradle in the center console - running MYMOBILE under Riderunner
    Parrot Bluetooth car kit

    Extra items I have:-

    GPS TRACKING - Self coded GPS tracking system - I have done this by installing IIS7 on the car PC and run a piece of software that reads GPS cords and places them in a database, I then have a web page running on the server coded in that has a button that when pressed get the last GPS postions in the database and plots it on a google map.
    So I can acces the page anywhere I have internet access.

    Security Extras - I have a Rino Ram V2 with SMS alearts and controls which has an output control that now allows me to send an SMS to the alarm to turn on and shut down the PC.
    The alarm also has 2 extra features that work realy well which is that it has 2 extra output line, 1 that goes 12v when the alarm is activated and another that goes 12v if the alarm is triggered so the car PC now knows when the alarm is on and I have software writen that enables my alarm software, now when the alarm is triggered the GPS tracking start automaticly - Later on I hope to have the ability to send ongoing sound bytes and a snapshot from the web can when it is install.

    Project still to come:-

    I have purchased the TMPS and Parking sensor Hardware, Just waiting for ROBBY to get back to Italy to get programed pics from him and I will intall them.

    I also want to get MAME going in the car.

    Ok well I hope to have some pics and video soon so as I have not long got to where I am now.

    Would love to meet up with other in Melbourne with installs

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    Hi all,

    Just signed up after lurking and reading all the great information on this site. So many great projects aswell.

    Well my plan which is coming together this week was to put a mac mini in side my 2007 Holden VE SSV Ute. I am from Perth and love my car and gadgets and this was a great mod.

    Currently I am trying to get rid of alot of engine noise which is very annoying.

    I am running a new intel mac mini with carnetix P1900 and will be connecting to OEM screen.

    I hope to browse and see everyones great projects (there is so much info on here) and plan to post mine up when I actually get it working sweet..

    Here's some pictures of the carputer running on OEM headunit..

    Thanks Ian

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    Canberra, Australia

    That sounds like a sweet install man! Loving the commodores. I'm pretty keen to see some pics and get some more info on the ODB, and the andrea superbeam. I'm heading back to my folks place over christmas to do a few upgrades on mine, going to attempt bluetooth (hence wanting to know about the mic), re-wire a few things and do some painting etc.

    I investigated the ODB stuff a while ago with my VY exec series 1, but threw up my hands cos it all got a bit too hard figuring out the formats etc.

    Cheers mate.

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    Melbourne Australia
    I signed up a while ago, lurked, but now more active.

    Mainly I'm a car audio guy, SQ-related.
    Have a Mac Mini PPC which is slowly coming together for install in a project car:

    7" Touch Screen - works good
    ICEł front-end - works ok, few small bugs.
    power supply - check
    audio - got all the bits, but as we all know, "Gear = Wank unless it's installed"

    heh, anyways the car audio guys (and gals) have monthly meets at Point Park in docklands. Anyone's welcome to come along and say hi - PM me for details or go to to forums and VIC section.
    MacMini in an Alfa? - Why not!

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