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Thread: How many Australian mp3Cars are there out there?

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    Quote Originally Posted by MagicMan View Post
    Yes would love to see the detail on your install.

    are you still using the original screen.

    Does the the buttons on the sides of the screen being used with the pc etc.

    Look under show off your project - mines there now..
    Costley - Holden VE SSV Apple Mini Mac Install
    No those buttons don't work with the pc just the oem controls
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    has anyone used the steering wheel control interface on a commodore like the one on ebay below?

    btw, g'day my work log :

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    Or a patrol for that matter. I bought one but haven't worked out the install yet.... not that I have really tried though. Gotta get around to seriously having a go

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    I had one working in my VX S Pack with no problems so I would not see why it would not work in you VZ.

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    thank you!
    I did some research and found that the steering wheel controls are resistive hence it will work.
    check my log for details.

    looking forward to meet some members from Oz once it is done!

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    Another aussie here, located in Melbourne. My carputer is up and running. I will eventually get around to putting up a ride thread.

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    G'day. I've had a car pc in my car since like 2006. I got a 2002 VX Commodore Wagon V8. Had a 7" non-touchscreen with a microITX case and 12v power supply in it back then.

    At the moment running a fold out pioneer 7" head unit DVD and my ipod but I have ordered a 7" Android tablet with GPS and Bluetooth to dash mount for satnav and other random things. I got a bluetooth ODB adapter so can set up as a custom digital guages etc... So I have created a new Worklog for my car and will keep updating that.

    Went to a few Mp3 Car Melbourne meets back when it was at the oval off the Eastern Hwy a few years ago..

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