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Thread: How many Australian mp3Cars are there out there?

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    You should be able to find ITXs at . For other PC gear, i also use and For a few bits an pieces, can be good.

    btfo: i am a member of the gti-r club of australia ( They have some VERY knowledgable members and some good group buys and events. We are going to Wakefield this coming tuesday for a track day...awesome!

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    Hello fellow Australians. Check out these guys
    Been researching for months here in Oz, finally took the plunge, bought myself a Morex 3677 case for AU$125+gst, a VIA M10000 for AU$275+gst and a slim CD drive for AU$130+gst. Ask for Richard or Lin, tell them Paddy sent you.

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    Australian.. Adelaide..
    was here a year or more back and got banned.. heh

    my system WAS a P200 in a towercase hidden in the spare tyre well of a ford station wagon.. 12inch LCD screen that I picked up off ebay was jammed between the front seats of the car, and a keyboard, mouse and gamepad were used for control.. original headunit was hacked to take an input... 6.4gig HD, 4X CDrom... sproggy PS and a modified sproggy to run the screen did alright.. I pulled it out when I couldn't get a good reception with my TV tuner card... I tried making an amp, but that just made it worse.. lol

    found some pictures of stuff I did

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    gday from perth
    epia800 tv dvd mp3 5.6tft blabla

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    Hey Im in Canberra, but hopefully I will move back to Perth in a year or so.

    I just bought my computer and next is an inverter and screen and soon I should have my mp3car up and running!

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    Steps out the front of Henson's workshop or Sydney
    Welcome to the club
    Never let the truth get in the way of a good story

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    Queensland, Australia
    aussie here mate! carputing on the road since 1999 (in several countries) before settling down in au. qld, all my setups are low budget barebones, the original idea behind mp3 car...

    [HW] 566eMHz/128mb/6gb, FlyVideo3k, RandMgps, M1-ATX, 7" Lilliput, VGA2AVadptrFor2ndVideo, 4CH/100rms, 10"Sub, 40AhDeepCycleTank
    [SW] XP/MMC/FP:D3,FlyTV/AxifeFM,CarMM?
    [Working on] puttingBackEvrythg.

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    Red face

    Aussie here too, melbourne.. been mucking around for a year now on me car mp3 player, upto Version 3... have pics will post a lot soon.

    Hmm maybee b4 i post replies i shoudl rea the entire post first...
    It aint no family car.

    SEE MK2 At : -

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    Well i'm a Kiwi, but i'm in Syd, Aus. been here for over 10 years so yea :P

    I'm currently planning my system. for project information. Going to be HUGE!

    Its good to see alot of ppl in aus getting into the carputer scene.. i wonder how long it'll be before you all add wireless and we can have a "live" cruise?

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    hey guys,

    i'm from melbourne, vic....

    i did have my car pc going, was good, then ripped it all out and sold most of it, due to damn broadmeadows lol... anyways, i got a 12inch tft touchscreen if any of you guys wants it, just send me a pm and well sort out the price etc.... if ur keen :-)
    come and check us out !!!!

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