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Thread: UK Members: Road Trip around Europe in 2006

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    UK Members: Road Trip around Europe in 2006

    See news story on dashboard monkey:

    This post will be kept up to date, as will the official website which I have made available here


    Proposed Time:

    Summer 2006

    Have decided to postpone til 2006 to allow us to properly plan this, and to try to get some more people coming!

    This has not been decided yet. Once we have some confirmed attendees, we shall meet and confirm details.

    Please come to the Digital-Car UK Meet where we shall be having a chat about places we want to go, when to go, and for how long etc. If you're not sure yet, come along and have a chat with us, and make your thoughts known


    Trip Pre-requisites and general requirements:

    • Licence (paper counterpart+photo)
    • Passport
    • Roadworthy Car
    • GB Stickers
    • Fire Extinguishers
    • First Aid Kits
    • E111
    • Car insurance cover Abroad
    • Breakdown Cover
    • Spare bulbs
    • Torch
    • Hi Visibility jacket
    • Warning triangle
    • Fuel can
    • Headlight beam deflectors
    • Spare Tyre Checked
    • Tow Rope*
    • Jump Leads*
    • Fast Start charger*
    • Water*
    • Basic Tools*
    • Haynes Manual*
    • Tyre puncture foam*
    • De-icer etc for Alps*
    • 2-way radios*

    * denotes recommended items only, all others are required.

    Country Specific Requirements


    • GB Sticker Must be displayed even if you do have the EU symbol on number plate
    • Motorway Tax Disc. Available from border crossings or in advance, valid for 1 year


    Here is the details of a provisional route, which we can modify/adapt to suit where people want to go and what people want to do! This is by no means final, and is open to suggestions and changes



    The directions state 5 days of driving. I imagine we will take 10-14 days for the trip, so we can spread out the driving with sight-seeing and resting.

    Something like this sound good to everyone? Of course we can modify/adapt it as required

    Maybe if some European members wish us to come visit, then let us know where you are, and we can see about incorporating it in the trip


    List of people coming:

    Confused --- Confirmed 07/12/2004
    ScoobyT23 --- Confirmed 04/01/2005
    StevieG & Lisa --- Confirmed 02/01/2005
    Jamez_Warner --- Confirmed 02/01/2005
    FrodoBaggins ---Confirmed 02/25/2005 (If can convince wife)

    Total Confirmed: 5
    If you are on this list but not confirmed, or wish to be added, please email me (europe (at) mp3carisma (dot) com) and confirm your details.

    If you would like to attend but do not have a car, I'm sure some people could car-share and take turns in driving. If you do this, please sort out insurance cover in advance!
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    Well Im in Florence (Firenze), So if I can help in any way give me a yell. I be forwarned that ye who enter an italian city be prepared for their driving 'style' and to be 'buzzed' by scooters. All good fun.
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    You're welcome @ my place (well, I'm just renovating a house, so don't expect too much) in Ghent when you cross belgium!

    Maybe I'll join you guys....

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    He He, you'll never de-ice the Alps!!!!

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    I'm up for this!
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    ninja - why don't we see you in the UK forums ????

    James - The UK CarPC Forum

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    We have decided to delay this til 2006 to allow us to properly prepare for this trip

    Get signed up now!

    Co-Developer of A.I.M.E.E

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