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Thread: PA - Near philly ?

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    right smack in the center dunno if you know where the zoo is but not far from there 38th n glenwood park. Like i said mine looks like heck but works great lcd and new ps should be back end of next week. anywho
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    to respond to the Pms

    I got a few PMs asking me when the meet was (im still out of town)

    things are "officially" off until we can all agree on a date and place that will work for the most of us.

    I am still leaning towards the Reading type area as opposed to A-Town or York/Lancaster.

    Again, just to reiterate - Reading is smack dab in the middle so when we all (most of us) agree on a date - if there are people coming from York/Lancaster and A-Town then I vote for Reading as our meeting point.

    If no one from Yor/Lancaster is coming then im all for A-town and vice versa

    Hope that clears up the PMs - if not post your question here as it appears some people might be meeting before that.

    Lets aim for a date in Feb .....what do ya say guys ? ...and gals?????
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    I am near oxford and would come if it is closer than allentown and if it happens before feb(leaving for arizona first week in febuary)
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    I'm in..


    I Think we should consider having meets closer to Reading

    I too,live in Reading, and would like to participate in any meets you all have.
    Let me know

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