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Thread: so cal meet? who wants one? whos down to come?

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    Quote Originally Posted by MMagnumLV
    Forgot to mention my girlfriend is in a sorority, would you guys want me to bring girls?
    depends what school? lol

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    Cal State San Bernadino

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    hommie dont matter what school! they gotta b fine tho ;-) like that one post 'check this ***' lol

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    haha, im comming. where is this gona be?
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    haha...yeah lets see her swing that one. "hey girls, want to go meet a bunch of computer geeks (or nerds)"

    I'll try to make it to this one...again. I just have to not break up with my g/f this time and i should be able to go
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    So. Cal.
    i go to csusb, lots of nice looking ladies there. bring some.

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    im down.... should be putting the finishing touches on my carputer this weekend ...atleast until I come up with more stuff to add

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    im down... where is it gonna be at? (im comin from SD)
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    As usuaul I will try to make it..... I will also try to bring my fiancee again... at least this time I will have a working (sometimes) carputer installed in the Scion.

    Time, place, potluck, etc?
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    hmmmm nice so we got around like 25 people down to come? 10 people that will come with me bout 4 got car pcs including me... lets try to get atleast 50 people dont matter if u got a pc tho just come down with a hooked up car and some food and GIRLS lol

    most likely it will be around knotts berry farm if any of you have heard of PEAK PARK on knott like 1/4 mile from la palma and knott intersection off the 91... they got some good parkin and all and bbq grills this should be fun :-P

    Quote Originally Posted by 0l33l

    So you're gonna beanerpack your explorer

    I'm also busy until the end of the school year
    beanerpack my exploreR? :-P im lost lol...

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