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Thread: Anyone in miami fl

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    Quote Originally Posted by swbball28
    im down to pay someone to install my amp, lilliput, and carputer, run the wiring for the switches to the front, etc..

    also does anyone know of a good but cheap 4 channel amp to get?
    That's the fun part...knowing you did it!!! The only time I had to pay some to install something in my car was the alarm...It's not that hard..give it a try!!!

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    I am impressed by the Miami turnout. Maybe we could all get together some weekend and show off our stuff (I know I've seen a few of the people on this board before) and put in a little elbow grease for some of the new guys that want to get assistance.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Defiler
    What do you consider cheap? And what do you plan on pushing with it.
    well i just need an amp because im taking out my headunit, so i need to connect my speakers to the amp, so that is all i will be pushing. and by cheap i mean like under $100.

    yea it would be nice to connect it myself, but i do not have the knowledge for that, i would like it if someone experienced from here would be willing to do it, i can pay them, and i will also learn from watching

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