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Thread: Atlanta, GA meetup #3

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    Atlanta, GA USA
    I'll try and stop by as well.

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    Dec 2004

    i be der

    My wife and I will be there.. gonna clean up the alty and ride to the ATL. btw where is the free weezer concert? =D

    My girls got a big mouth with which she babbles alot!

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    Atlanta GA
    it's at underground atlanta. check for details.
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    See you guys in a few hours! If it's raining, don't let that stop you! For those who've never been to the Varisty, realize there is a large parking area that is covered by a two-story parking garage. So even it's raining, we can meet on the lower level and stay dry.
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    Does anydoby know if it is possible to get to The Varsity easily from MARTA? I'm goign to the weezer concert directly afterward and parking for that will be impossible. There is no reason for me to bring my car, bc i'm not even driving my own car at the moment.

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    To answer my own question, it is indeed possible. I get off at N. Avenue station and walk a few blocks.

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    good meet guys~!

    ill have pix up tomorrow some time, im at my moms staying the weekend, ill be at my house to photoshop up the pix and post them. =)

    Much respect to all the nice installs!

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    Damn. missed it. I was buying (yet another) car.
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    Yeah, I had a sudden last-minute gotta go hang out with some friends event. I'll try to make the next one.. I gotta get to at least ONE of these things!

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    Damn I was in Atlanta too but in a meeting ALL day.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Altimat
    Damn I was in Atlanta too but in a meeting ALL day.
    I've got you beat! I was in the mental hospital visiting one of my friends that just got put in there temporarily. ug
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