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Thread: SO cal meet PART 2 -- 7/30/05 in buena park

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    Hey man,

    I can't make it to this meet. SOme family **** is hppening on that day. Sorry!

    I wish I could make it.

    Today was the worst day ever. I came to one of my friend's places ( ) after the Anger Managment concert, and I parked in a place that I thought would be ok because I didn't see any signed tha said anything about ticketing or towing, and this morning when I woke up and walked to my car... it wasn't there.

    It was towed by mutha****in Western Towing!! At first, I thought "Who th **** would want to steal my peace of **** car?" and then that's when I saw it, "The Sign". It was hidden really nicely in a corner behind some plants. IT said "No Parking between 3AM-4AM, violtors may be towed/fined..." so I call the number hoping that they have the car, and sure enough the muther****in idiots took it.

    So, $216.00 later, I have my car back now after pleading with the guy to let me take it b/c I'm not the actual owner of the car (my dad is). I was really worried because I had accidentally left my cell phone and PDA in the car.

    Anyways, Anger Managment was really tight. So, I ended up paying like $300 for a ticket instead of the $90 I had orriginally payed.




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    you guys gotta do this before the 17th of august, i leave for 3 weeks, and after that its gunna be hard to get down there with college startin and all.

    i FINALLY got my gps to work, but im using my dads as my old serial earthmate isnt nmea. i really need to find a cheep usb one, because bluetooth is ****ing me off.

    edit, sorry bout your car rasfter, you might be able to fight it in court as the sign was hidden, but thats up to you.

    my parents always freak about my car, it IS a honda, and they do get stolen alot, but whever. sorry bout the tow.
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    sorry guys nothing going on this weekend my mom says i gotta pack with her lol ill keep u posted

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