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Thread: MD/DC/N.VA ???Anyone up for it?

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    It's warmer in April. We've done them at parks before, did one at Dave and Busters in the parking garage one time when it was raining. A park seems to work out pretty well.
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    sounds good. weekend in april around noonish or a little bit later

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    April is cool with me. I vote for something closer to DC than baltimore

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    i'm in depending on the date!
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    I would bet you might be able to get people to come down from the Baltimore MP3car office. Ziplock, Do you have some goodies to give away?

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    if there are goodies to be had, i'm down! in....i'm up for it. Man my car needs to be rained the other car happened to be in a parking garage. I vote for late april though......hopefully I can get some more **** down. I wanna get rid of my current case...and re-arrange the trunk.
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    Do you have to reserve a park or something? Or do we just wanna use it for its parking lot?

    Dave & Busters sounds like a good idea or how about at Montgomery Mall's parking lot.

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    Since it looks like the Closer to DC's/April have the majority of the votes lets go with that...

    How does April 22 Noon to 4 sound to everyone? And I am kinda feeling the Dave and Busters idea...MMMMMMMMMMMMMMBeer. If not please suggest other locations since I really dont know the area (nor do I know where Dave and Busters is but hey who needs details). Does anyone that was at the last one there know what they had to do to schedule it?

    Also now that we have a date and kinda have a location I am going to start updating the main post in the thread as people confirm they are comming...So confirm god damnit.

    Finally I would like to say...FREE **** RULES, so if mp3car could come through that would be great.


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    we ( are planning a mega meet on March 25th

    we are going to meet with people from 5-6 different forums. You guys interested in coming? SHould be areound 50-60 cars there, weather permitting
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    I will be in Virginia some time in March and probably also April, so I may drop by as well. Won't be bringing my car though...

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