Hey guys,

As you probably read Attilla has gone through a rough time with his recent tragedy. Attilla has been there for us in the past, hell, he was there for me during the loneliest parts of my accident (and i almost OD'ed on pills to make myself normal ) and i think its about time to be there for him. I want to have a get together at his house and then let it go where it may after that, sometime this week. I was looking at thursday. We're a community and when one of us is down, we're gotta show some love and bring em back up (without drugs ). Anyways, if someone wants to take a trip, assuming he'll be free, or if he comes up with a better and more tentative day and/or time, i think he and i would both appreciate it.

Also, if someone has any ideas where to go after, that would be cool too!