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Thread: What would it take to get a national meet?

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    What would it take to get a national meet?

    I think it'll take someone who wants it bad enough... someone who could actually dedicate the time & effort needed, someone who will be able to be enthusiastic enough about it to get others also involved, & be able to reach out to many different vendors & possible location owners.... this would take a pretty large effort.

    I have thought the exact same thing & did a thread sugesting a northeast "real" meet like 1 1/2 years ago... but the same thing still applies now as did back then... it would take a bit of organization...

    the truth is this hobby is still kinda in it's infancy.... maybe even a bit more up to a child at this point..., but no where near saturated...

    I think the best course of action would be for all the local meets to become more organized.... there should be "clubs" or "organizations" set up all over the country.... there needs to be organization...

    once there are carpc clubs set up throughout the country, then there can be a combined clubs meet, there will be local chapters to help organize.... this is what evolved the showcar circuit, as well as the car audio circuit... racing... r/c car events... I'd say the majority, if not ALL of the national hobby events have evolved this way.... so how about pushing local meets to step up to the next level?.. are there enough "dedicated" indeviduals out there yet?...

    the first step I think is more for local organizations to form....

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    East coast vs. west coast. We could be rivals. Who is a real OG (Original Geek)? Haha, j/k. But I'd love to see like a northeast, southwest, etc. mp3car clubs.

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    I would like to have a 'search sign' to carry around:
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    Quote Originally Posted by scott_fx
    I would like to have a 'search sign' to carry around:

    yeah, maybe have a little class for all the Newbs that would show up on how to use the search button...



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    Quote Originally Posted by Enforcer
    Everyone is a judge, you hand out voting slips.
    Who'll be in charge of the recount

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    Oh yeah, forgot you people have trouble with elections and counting votes properly.

    Tell you what, send the completed voting slips to the UK and we'll count them for you.

    while you are at it send the prizes as well, we can hand them out as well.

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