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Thread: New Jersey Meet?

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    Walden, NY
    hope to make the next one. Remember, sunday

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    Constant Bitrate
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    Aug 2005
    pics courtesy of ron1:

    me with a goofy expression

    all hail the rare and strange SVX!

    wtf? lets put a carpc in it!

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    damn wish i could have been there

    i definatly will make the next one i swear i wont pull a quattro on you guys
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    Wow I burned my bald head in the sun all day yesterday. Was good meeting all you guys though.

    Some of you were asking about the skin I did for my system. Here's a link to the post on my project blog:
    Acura ITX RoadRunner skin

    Hopefully we can do the next meet in the evening so we can actually see each other's screens...

    Hang on while I defragment my car...

    the Acura ITX project
    the Acura ITX skin for RoadRunner
    project progress: 99%

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