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Thread: Florida meet #11 - Orlando

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    i'm going to be down in orlando from the 22nd to the 1st. anyone know of any car shows that are happening. i'm looking for something to do along those lines. last time i came down in january i walked into the national corvette restorers show at old town. got in on the wax demo--and bought some!! lol


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    nothing i know of in orlando coming up at all
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    I missed that damn thing too.. and it's right down the road from where I live! ****.

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    That was a fun meet, surprised it wasn't larger considering Orlando and in particular that area by UCF. One of these days I'll bring my 240 out but I need to get a proper CarPC setup in it first... I don't think my Zune really counts.

    Here is my car in action though at the last Autocross I attended.

    Amazingly when I DID have a carputer for a shortwhile installed it held up to the rigors of Auto-X rather well, in exception to the screen wiggling about. Once I aquire a nice small mainboard and Lulliput screen I'll mount everything nicely and have no worries what so ever.

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