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Thread: G4 vs. T3

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    G4 vs. T3

    What are the early adopters opinions on the differences between the two units? I'm mainly concerned about boot times, and the need for external solutions for wireless and sound. I don't mind not having TV as it was crap anyhow.

    My main complaint about the T3 was the hibernation issues. My external drive was rarely recognized properly after hibernation. With the need for more USB devices it seems this migh tbe more of a problem now.

    I'm very interested in upgrading to this new unit but I'd like some assurance that it functions better than the T3 and that they have a way to work around the hibernation issues.

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    Hibernation vs. Standby

    The G4 uses standby with an automated shut down. It will shut the system down when voltage drops. This allows for a >5 second boot time and no USB issues. let me know if you have any more questions.

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