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Thread: ODBII interface with the G4

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    ODBII interface with the G4

    First off, hello. Been lurking here for quite some time watching the G4 development, and figured with release right around the corner, I should probably register. I've read through most of the threads here and gotten a lot of good info, but I'm curious about something with the ODBII interface.

    I see that the ElmScan 5 unit is being offered alongside the G4 in the store, how does it hook up to the G4 and interface with it? Does it come with the necessary USB to Serial converter? And will the StreetDeck software on the unit just work out of the box, or will additional installs be necessary?


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    The ElmScan has a box inline. It is the serial to USB converter.

    It connects via USB to the G4.

    You can find a review of ElmScan with StreetDeck here:
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    This is sort of related. I pre-ordered a G4 but held off on buying the elm device. Ultimately I would like all the ODBII functionality as in the comming months I have a number of performance modifications planned for my '06 Subaru Baja. It's My second project like this and I'm very familiar with the use of the tactrix cable listed below. As far as I know the cable is ODBII compliant but I'm new to SD and was wondering if others had any experience with said cable and SD.



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