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Thread: Infill G4 StreetDeck install

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    Infill G4 StreetDeck install


    i've installed streetdeck on my Infill G4. But the FM radio isn't working. Any idea to solve this?

    The infill front end fm radio is working ok.

    And what driver is controlling this radio device. ??

    Please help me out. ;-)


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    I'm gathering that you didn't purchase the G4 from us?

    There are specific drivers that are installed with the system when the unit ships from us.
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    We have not released an installer for the G4 yet. After the G4 is released, we should release the installer and this will install everything needed to use StreetDeck on it. Developer (I am Chuck)
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    infill fm drivers

    please please release it ......

    I've a working infill G4 unit , but no good software...

    BTW The streetdeck software runs as 'kick ***' on the unit ;-))


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