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Thread: HOWTO: Power a USB Hub for the G4

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    maybe for germany users: i know an electronic power supply expert, that can build a solution like yours with SMD Electronics completly ready for use with cables :-) If anybody need that, send me PM, than i send you the Email Adress of the expert. I think it is not expensive.

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    Great article. I am just having a few problems visualising the finished item. (Not enough coffee this morning). If someone has completed this mod would they mind posting a few images?



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    Quote Originally Posted by incudie View Post
    I won't be using this for a G4 but I think I understand what to do. Could someone confirm for me that I am understanding this correctly?

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    What would happen if the 5V from the CNX_P5V was hooked up to the 5V USB lead and the CNX_P5V ground hooked to the USB lead ground and the output from the relay as shown on a USB hub that didnt have a power supply input
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    Quote Originally Posted by pim View Post
    Just contemplating; that might be a nice product in the mp3car store; a 12v relay powered USB hub...

    Amen, Brutha!

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    I broke down and built my own voltage regulator. My CarPC has a switched +12VDC that only provides power when the computer is running. I am now using this as my source and have hooked up the USB port to the +5VDC output. I'll post pictures when I get home.

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    Bump. Has anyone actually made this circuit and got it working properly? I'm helping a friend with his G4 and we're looking at powering a USB hub so we wondering if there's any other way to do it.

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