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Thread: G4 Initial thoughts

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    G4 Initial thoughts

    So the unit arrived at my work today, and since it was slow anyhow, I rushed out to Frys to get a DC power supply to be able to play with it. My first impressions are pretty good. The build quality seems really solid, and the boot times out of standby are excellent. With no speakers, it's hard to judge anything audio related, but the streetdeck interface seems decent, though it will take a bit to learn all the little things about how it runs. I hooked up the GPS, though only got low signal strength from the building window. I didn't have much luck with Microsoft GPS software in the past (around 2000), but thankfully it looks to have improved quite a bit. Though oddly, the built in database is missing the great Frys in it, guess it might not have a full directory, but instead a points of interest type condensed listing. I'll have to dig into that more later.

    Digging through what I was shipped, I seem to be missing a way to reload the device, and also the Streetdeck dev tools weren't included. Was looking forward to extending it, so if anyone has a download link I missed to them, it would be appreciated.

    Now to work out the rest of the setup and get it all installed.

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    The trial version includes the dev tools, just download and install it from They also should be on the G4 under tools. Developer (I am Chuck)
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    Ahh, ok, found the tools. Sadly they won't run under Parallels due to the dev environment not running under GDI, looks like I might try VMWare to see if the 3d support it has is enough.

    Any info on a restore disc? I double checked everything I got, only disc that came in the package is the Windows XP Home OEM bundle. No Streetdeck DVD was in the box, nor was any form of restore image. Is this still being finalized and shipped later?

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    The restore disc is being worked on.

    There are still some bugs to be ironed out with it.

    I've been told it should be avaliable in a week or two.
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