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Thread: G4 Default Install

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    G4 Default Install

    With the way the G4 is shipped, I noticed there is no link anywhere for windows update. I don't know if this was done intentionally. Is it ok to download updates and .Net framework or will this somehow make the system unstable or slower?

    Also, I tried to do a file search and I get an "Unexpected Error - Action could not be completed" box. Is this because something was stripped out of the windows install? I am trying to find the Right Click Tool (JASButton.exe) so I can put a shortcut on the desktop.

    Does adding the Long Press Right Click function interfere with the way Streetdeck input works?

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    I got all the major Windows updates on mine (I think including .Net). While .Net isn't needed for security, I definitely would make sure to get all the MS security updates if you ever plan on having an Internet connection with it.

    I'm using the long press right click functionality, and it doesn't seem to hurt SD at all (though it is annoying when you are trying to drag a slider a long way in Windows, or hold down an elevator scroll control button).

    There is a fix for the search problem - you just need to add a registry value. See this page:
    (SD guys, you really should put that in a FAQ and fix it in the next SD image. It will affect a lot of people.)


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    This will be fixed on the restore DVD. Thank you for the feedback.

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    When is this restore cd available? I just had a hard drive crash on my Infill G4 that I purchased from MP3Car store.


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    Quote Originally Posted by dally28 View Post
    When is this restore cd available? I just had a hard drive crash on my Infill G4 that I purchased from MP3Car store.
    If you haven't already, contact tech support. They can help you out, and if necessary, possibly even get you the restore disk.

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