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Thread: OBD-II and External Hard Drives

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    OBD-II and External Hard Drives

    hi all - new here to mp3car and really interested in the Infill G4. but i have a few questions regarding the SD software. If I buy an external hard drive (powered thru the usb), will SD recognize it and allow my music and other media to be stored there as well? also, I'm a big fan of the OBD-II sensor's potential but was wondering how SD implements it. can it only show those simple graphs? what if i wanted virtual gauges like the pics for the international version of the G4 show? what info can the OBD-II reader display? can it reset the check engine light?

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    Regarding the external USB HDD: Yes.

    Regarding OBD-II funtionality: I believe that the simple graphs are the default displays for measurements. I believe the graphical elements can be modified to achieve whatever look you want.

    Frankly, the "simple" graphs are pretty damn imofrmative, IMHO.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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