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Thread: please help info needed G4

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    please help info needed G4

    hello this is my first post dont know alot about carputers but i am very interested in the G4 powered by streetdeck just have a few questions and wanted some help

    firstly to people who already have the G4 how good is this bit of kit ?

    currently i have a large audio install with several amps in my car and i have a very good pioneer HU with high volt preouts and alot of functions EQ, CROSSOVER, ETC.. how do i use the G4 with the install as the preouts are low power on the G4 do i have to get an external sound card how many preouts will this have ? and what voltage ? what is the sound card called an how good is it ? is there more than one sound card out there that is compatible with the G4 if so which one is top of the list for most people when connecting the G4 to a large sound install ?

    i also want to get tv channels on the g4 what will i need to get tv on the g4 ?

    how easy is to connect to the internet with this kit compared to other carputers ?


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    also can you get a dvd RW in with this kit ?

    as i cannot see as an option in the store

    anyone ?


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