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Thread: Pre-purchase Feature/Specs Question

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    Pre-purchase Feature/Specs Question

    I've several pre-purchase questions I'd like to more fully understand before deciding to make a G4 purchasing commitment.

    1. Is the CPU user-upgradeable? With 2.0 C7s being commonplace in cars and CPU horsepower being one important insulator from premature obsolescense, can the 1.5 C7 be swapped at a future date?
    2. Is the hard disk user-upgradeable? Especially given the propensity for vehicle-based spinning disks to fail and the appreciable performance boost SSDs can deliver, can the disk be swapped/upgraded without servicing?
    3. Is there any means of supporting a second display (other than via USB)?
    4. Will the GM factory-installed XM receiver ('07 HHR LT) to the standard CD head-unit cleanly port to the G4, or will another XM receiver purchase be required?
    5. Are there any other proprietary OS/hardware restrictions (required to support the G4's platform) that might interfere with most common commercial software applications (i.e. Microsoft/Adobe/Symantec) or other Windows-compliant hardware devices?
    6. Is there any known MTBF or other reliability stastistics available for the G4?
    7. Are there any current or future plans for Vista Basic support?

    Thanks, in advance, for guidance with these questions. Presuming there are no insurmountable obstacles pertaining to the aforementioned and the 1.5 C7 has enough horses to make it at least nominally behave like a PC compared to some of the other non-dash CarPC solutions, I look forward to giving the G4 a good hard look-see.

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    1) No.
    2) Yes, but it voids warranty. There is an option to get a HDD as large as 250GB when ordering.
    3) No.
    4) No.
    5) Not that I am aware of. Keep in mind that this is not a particularly powerful system by today's standards. Performance on many applications may not be what you would like.,
    6) Unknown. I would think you'd need to evaluate MTBF for each individual components, namely the LCD, HDD & optical drive.
    7) Search the forums for Vista support. As far as I'm aware, no. Vista is pointless int eh car at this stage of the game, IMHO.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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