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Thread: Warning. G4 Out of stock

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    Warning. G4 Out of stock

    Even though the store is showing "in stock" when I placed my order a few days later i got this e-mail .

    "I see that Adam informed you that it would go out Monday or Tuesday. At the moment, we are still awaiting G4s to ship to us from oversees, the vendor has slowed down production. We should receive them mid-next week and ship it out by end of week."

    so just a heads up that "in stock" means " in stock... somewhere in another country" and plan a few weeks lead time

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    in my opinion, that's unprofessional to show something is in stock if it's still out of country. so many things can go wrong and delay a product that isn't even in the country yet.............. I collect world war II items and some things I've bought from over the pond have sat in customs for 2 to 5 weeks. One item from russia took 11 weeks. LOL

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