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Thread: Tilt Screen and other problems...

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    Tilt Screen and other problems...

    I just got my 2 G4 units installed today and seem to have problems with both. On one when I insert a disc into the cd it doesnt detect that a cd was inserted or even show a cd drive for that matter... On the other G4 the tilt screen doese not retract when the unit powers down. Also if I push the disc eject button the screen tilts down to the loading position then immediatly returns back to the position it was in. So I can'teven stick a disc in this one to verify that it works... Anyone have any sugestions? I just paid to have them professionaly installed and will not be to pleased if I have to have them taken back out to be sent back for warrenty.. Oh yeah and I didn't recieve any restore discs or windows install discs with my order. Is this normal or did they just get overlooked. I purchased here from MP3car. Thanks for the help.

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    You should get a reply on the mail that it was receved, if you don't get that one (that happend to me a couple of times) you can use the thred i used, or pm one of the mp3car members (see avantar). But only after trying the email thing first.

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