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Thread: Parking Brake Signal, wiring help needed

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    Parking Brake Signal, wiring help needed

    I'm installing an Infil G4 in a car primarily to have an in car tuning computer. I was tired of hauling around my laptop everywhere with me so I bought a G4 used to install it in my car.

    Pretty much everything wired into the cars harness except the parking brake signal wire for the infil. I need to know if the parking brake signal is a ground signal or a positive 12v signal because the car I'm installing this into does not have a parking brake sensor. My thoughts are to just wire it up to constant ground or constant 12v positive since the car doesn't have this provision.

    Please let me know.

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    Usually if you want to view dvd or other video source while driving you needed to put parking brake wire to ground. SNO

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    Thank you!
    Probably saved me from blowing something in my unit. I had it wired to 12v +.

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    yea just tag it into the ground wire and it should be fine unlesss u wanna put a switch on it like some of the pioneer radios needed

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