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Thread: Hardware Review: T-View T92VGA

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    Hardware Review: T-View T92VGA

    What it is/does: 9.2" VGA WIDESCREEN Monitor with 2 composite inputs, 1 audio

    Reviewed by: Timmy M
    Manufacturer : T-View
    Model: T92VGA
    Display size: 9.2 inch (16:9) WIDESCREEN
    Wireless Remote control
    Stylus for touch screen
    VGA & video inputs, 1 audio input
    Touch screen included
    System: PAL & NTSC auto switching
    Built-in speaker
    All functions can be controlled by remote
    Wide view angle
    Resolution : 800*R.G.B. *480
    Dual Video (VGA) Inputs & 1 audio Input
    Power Supply: DC +12v
    All Functions can be controlled by Remote Control
    Driver CD included
    Mounting stand included
    OSD menu
    Dimension: 9.1(L) x 6.2(H) x 1(W) in Inches Approx.
    Price: $175
    Shipping: $15
    Rating: 8/10
    Purchased at: eBay
    three inputs
    fairly bright
    mirroring/flipping. I believe it's independent of each input.
    I believe it has auto-on.
    built in regulator so it can be connected to automotive power.

    Could be brighter
    funky power connector.
    Touchscreen driver or screen seems to be a bit flaky.

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