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Thread: Client Virtualization

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    Well, certainly anything is possible. I think in general there are too many moving parts to a good VDI system. I am typing right now from my home workstation connected to my work system via XenDesktop which is a VDI solution from Citrix. Granted this is a system designed for big companys with heavy usage but there are 6 windows 2008 servers plus 2 domain controllers that keep it running. Lots of memory and horsepower is consumed here not to mention licenses. I spent the better part of 2 months building and getting the system to work reliably.

    You could certainly install xenserver or esx or others on a bare metal machine, make a couple of xp or win7 or linux VM's and connect to them via RDP or VNC but I'm just not sure it is worth the trouble for most people.

    If you need multiple machines in the vehicle, I would definitely head down the path of networked Pi or even small atom/amd/via boards. Have one central system for storage, vehicle integration and say routing if you have internet. Then have one system for each point of access you want. Have that system get media and any other info required from the master system.

    I would definitely go the route of linux if possible as you don't want stuff getting bogus win updates and crap not to mention AV and all that other stuff. My problem is I'm not a linux programmer.

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    Hi guys, At work, we use an HP server/thin client solution running Windows Multipoint Server. It works quite well. The thin clients are small enough to iso mount on the back of an lcd monitor. Each client connects to the server by a single USB connection and has an svga port, ps2 mouse and keyboard ports as well as an audio mini jack for speakers or headphones. In a business or educational environment, the system is wonderful. The biggest drawbacks I can see in using this in a vehicle are: 1) Each client instance requires a separate Windows license in addition to the one for the main server. 2) The server needs to be a bit of a powerhouse. We use a 3ghz quad core with 8gb of ram for our server. 3) Windows Multipoint Server is 64bit and based on Windows Server 2008. I have run into a good deal of software that just will not run on it. With software such as GoodSync, we were told we needed to purchase the very expensive Corporate license simply because it was a "server" OS and the standard business license would not run on it. All in all.... I believe that a main system with several single board computers such as the Raspberry Pi networked to it for each zone would be a much better solution. The RSP is capable of HD video and is capable of doing quite a bit in stand alone use.
    wow, this was priceless

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    I am also a fan of the Raspberry Pi route. Ever since I learned about that being released, I wondered how it could be integrated into a car environment. This is an interesting thread that I would love to follow! If I had money (and a car bigger than a honda civic) I would definitely try something like this. Good luck!

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    Sounds like something similar to Jet Blue or Virgin America. I like the thought behind it, and would like to see a working prototype.

    Have you thought something easier like Media Center and Extenders? You can add things such as IE, HULU, etc to the WMC menu, which the extenders would pickup and use as well.

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    Ohhhh !

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