I've already been posting about this in Software and Software Development section here http://www.mp3car.com/software-and-s...out-there.html

In a nutshell, I have written a graphical display using Processing to display the output of a simple accelerometer. The display is very similar to those found as apps for Android and IoS devices. I've seen a lot of post from people wishing there was something similar for a Windows platform. So.... I wrote one. You can find the first version of the software attached to a message in the thread linked above. It is a proof of concept using mouse coordinates to simulate the output of an accelerometer. I have since written a second version that does actually use the output of an accelerometer. Here is a short YouTube video of the software and hardware in action. Currently, the accelerometer in use is inside a Wii Nunchuck. I used it because I had one available and the accelerometer board can be easily removed.

It does work pretty well but I still need to add a low pass filter routine to eliminate the jitter. I am trying to purchase several other rather inexpensive accelerometer boards for comparative testing. If there is enough interest in the project, I could move beyond my personal project to develop and market a custom pc board with enclosure that would only need to be mounted and plugged into a CarPC by only a single USB connection. Instead of hard coding the interface for my personal vehicle, I would continue to produce a user configurable version allowing for skins, different vehicle images and user calibration.

I think this could be a great addition for those who use a CarPC in a 4 wheel drive vehicle such as myself. The same sensor package could also be coupled to a different interface to display acceleration, braking and cornering G-forces. I should be able to adapt my existing work for just such an interface though this is not something I would develop for my own use since I have no real need for it at the moment. With the posts I have seen asking about such a system, and since I have actually taken up the ball and ran with it, I hope that I can put together some assistance in developing it further. Let's give the Windows pc users the same goodies that the android and ios tablet users have!

I am very open to the idea of collaboration if anyone is interested!

Jeffrey Allmond
2003 Mitsubishi Montero Sport