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Thread: Issue w/ Pac AAI NIS2 need to exchange a piece was defective!

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    Issue w/ Pac AAI NIS2 need to exchange a piece was defective!

    So I ordered the

    I installed it, it worked on input 1 for a couple of songs, I then switched it to input 2 to make sure the aux2 works. Worked for about half a song then just stopped. Went back to input1 and nothing. I tested all the wires, they are all working. I have the whole harness/wires wired into the car and setup, I just need a knew brain.

    I would like to return just hte main brain piece (the piece that says AAI-NIS2 and (PAC) on it that the wires plug into) and have you guys send me another 1 of the brains ASAP. I am doing the install and would like to get everything put together ASAP, a carpc w/o sound isnt even a CARPC!


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    Please contact the store directly on 410-526-2852 or I am sure that they will sort it out for you.
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