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Thread: Rooftop GPS/Cellular/PCS/WiFi antenna stock

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    Rooftop GPS/Cellular/PCS/WiFi antenna stock

    Hi all -

    First poster here...

    Just ordered me up a G4, should be here tomorrow. I'm anxious to play with it on the bench. I went to order the Rooftop GPS/Cellular/PCS/WiFi antenna yesterday but to my horror it is out of stock! I knew should have ordered it sooner...

    Any idea when the Rooftop GPS/Cellular/PCS/WiFi antenna will be back in stock?

    Thanks in advance!
    'puter city

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    I'd either call or email the store directly. Representatives of the store do not always check these forums every day.
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    When I Looked into a better powered antenna, I considered the one you guys sell here on but decided much so against it. Mainly because the GSM frequency that your Antenna recieves are not generally used in the US for GSM cell service.

    Correct me if im wrong but i researched it and im pretty sure im right.

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    GSM is used by Cingular (AT&T now), Alltel, and a good bit or other miscellanious other carriers. GSM is NOT used by Nextel, Verizon, Sprint, and other carriers that rely on CDMA, PCS, or iDen. If you do a quick google on the model phon you have, that will tell you what band it uses. Hope this helps.

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