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Thread: Bolt-In Kit With Screen

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    Bolt-In Kit With Screen

    Are the bolt-in chassis' for Subaru Imprezas going to be discontinued? I am waiting on one to finish my installation and am getting curious. If there is a different solution can someone suggest one.


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    Hey man, I'm in the same boat (although I guess I'm not quite ready to put my computer in my car yet, or even close for that matter). I emailed the mp3car store about a month ago and they said it would be a couple weeks, but they would be in stock.

    There is another source for them (I suspect mp3car just orders them from this guy anyway). When I'm finished setting up my computer if the store is still out of stock I think I'm just going to order from that guy.

    I also emailed the guy from and he says that he is still making them.

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    I have some. Please PM me if interested.

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