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Thread: Q? on Xenarc MDT-x700 and 'puter bundle

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    Q? on Xenarc MDT-x700 and 'puter bundle

    I have a couple of questions about the Xenarc 7" IN-DASH Touchscreen VGA Monitor / DVD Receiver MDT-X7000 and the bundle that is recommended for it,

    1- Does the full bundle come with a GPS receiver? I don't see one listed, but the demo for the xenarc showed GPS, so I'm a little confused.
    2- Can I add a bluetooth adapter?
    3- Will this bundle allow me to add a backup camera?
    4- Can I add a 802.11 wireless card? I don't see one listed.
    5- Since streetdeck isn't bundled with it, will the option -testmode work? will it be necessary to use -testmode to play video while in motion? This is a must, my most important passenger wants to watch video while on long trips.

    OK, that was more than a couple of questions...
    I'm trying to decide between this and the G4. The G4 has everything I need, but I hesitate a little because I can't hide the screen, for security reasons, whereas with the Xenarc I can close it, but this feature is not a deal breaker, just trying to educate myself.


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    The full bundle does not come with a GPS antenna. This link below is to one that we sell on the store.

    It is USB so it should work very well with the package. In the video I was using a GPS simulation file for streetdeck to think I was driving around las vegas.

    As far as adding bluetooth you have two options. The first is a linksys bluetooth adapter here:

    This will allow for normal computing bluetooth capabilities for a PC. (tethering and Peripherals)

    If you would like to have phone control and hands free control then this link should help.

    For a back up camera option you would use one of these:

    They will connect to the back of the Xenarc and work fine.

    For wireless you have the option of using on of the following USB wireless adapters.

    I would recommend the WiFi Mini Adapter for 29.99

    For streetdeck you will need to download the trial/demo for free. This version will time out in 15min. If you like the software you can purchase an activation code and/or a DVD.

    When SD notices that the GPS is moving it disables some features for safety reasons. Testmode feature will disable this limitation.

    I hope that I have answered your questions clearly. If you have any more dont hesitate to call or email the store.

    [email protected]

    410-526-2852 my ext. is 205 for sales

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    Thanks dude, You got all my concerns. This will make a very nice system.
    Now back to the other thread to see what we're gonna do about the radio in PC mode dilemma


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