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Thread: New Xenarc 702 TSV & Comparison with 700TSV

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    New Xenarc 702 TSV & Comparison with 700TSV

    The 702TSV is in stock.
    Below -- Comparison of 700tsv (2007 model) with new 702 tsv

    Screen Size: Diagonal 7" (16:9)
    • Physical Resolution: 800 (H) x 480 (V) WVGA
    • Supported Resolution: 640 x 480 ~ 1600 x 1200
    • Dot Resolution: 2400 x 480 = 1,152,000 (dots)
    • LCD Brightness: 1,000 cd/m
    • Contrast Ratio: 500:1
    • Viewing Angle: Top:70/Bottom:50/Left:70/Right:70
    • Touch Screen Interface: USB port 5 wire
    • Operating Voltage Range: DC 11V ~ 24V
    • Power Supply: DC 12V
    • Power Consumption: <9W
    • Operating Temperature: 23F ~ 158F
    • Storage Temperature: -22F ~ 185F
    • Dimension (in): 7.87W x 5.12H x 1.30D
    • Weight (lb): 1.35
    • FCC, CE, E13 Certification
    • ROHS Compliant
    • 18 Month Xenarc Supplied Warranty

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    This is an old thread, but is till quite relevant. I installed a 700TSV in my Acura TL back in 2006 and it performed flawlessly until a month ago when it finally gave up the ghost. I was quite pleased with the 700TSV, but, of course, seeing it clearly during the day was a problem. I couldn't justify spending $750 for the transflective screen, so I decided to pay a little more for the 702TSV in the hope that it would help with the glare. All I can say is, "Wow!" It is crystal clear even on a cloudless day. What an improvement! The dimensions are somewhat different than the 700, so it was not a matter of just pulling the 700 out of my dash and replacing with the 702. The connections are the same, though, so no rewiring was necessary. My advice to anyone trying to decide between the two screens is not to hesitate to spend the extra $100 to get the 702.

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